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Celts Take Down Blazers

Our long regional nightmare is over.  Celtics win 112-102.

  • It only took 14 quarters, but the Celtics finally put together solid offense and defense in second half
  • Paul Pierce stepped up and led the team with 30/7/5 with a few nice dunks sprinkled in
  • KG is obviously not 100%, he put up a mild 10 and 7 in 31 minutes
  • It will be interesting to see what happens in the Power Rankings tomorrow
  • And lastly, Scott Pollard has no business being on the court.  He put up a -12 tonight, which is maybe half as bad as you would have expected if you had watched the game.
  • (Update) Wahz mentioned something that I forgot.  E.House took a page out of Perk's book and cross checked Martell Webster away from the ball late in the fourth quarter.  Eddie the Enforcer?
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