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Primoz Brezec Is Delusional

This is almost too rich to be true.

Primoz Brezec, the original Charlotte Bobcat, who has been moved twice this season (first to Detroit and then on to Toronto last week), has some rough words about rookie 'Cats coach Sam Vincent (courtesy of Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer):

"Sam Vincent, he changed it up," Brezec said. "He wanted to go more run-and-gun. I have no problem with that, I can run three days in a row. But I think I set a record in the NBA; out of 50 games (actually 18) I started, I didn’t get the ball, I didn’t get a shot off.

"So I was like, ‘You know what, Sam? You don’t need me, you don’t like me and I don’t like you, so get me out of here.’ And see how they’re doing this year?"

NBA players say the darnedest things.

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Really, dude?

"See how they're doing?"  Yep, Primoz, we see how they're doing: same as always.  During the three full seasons you were there and an allegedly integral part of the team, the Bobcats won 18, 26 and 33 games, good for a composite .313 winning percentage.  This season, they sit at 19-37, thus winning at a .339 clip (although to Brezec's credit, the 'Cats were a mighty 8-12 in the 20 games in which he saw action this year).  You sure showed them, Prim.

And of the 2.1 field-goal attempts per game he did take this season while with Charlotte, the original 'Cat hit with almost 40 percent accuracy.  Great work!

Mind-boggling stuff, Primoz.

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