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'Toine Still Looking For Escape Route

Antoine Walker continues to believe that he could be of assistance to a playoff team.

Or at least that would be appear to be the case, given that the man is being paid rather handsomely to spend a lot of time firmly planted on the cushioned chairs, and as the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda reports, 'Toine wants out of Minnesota:

Antoine Walker’s agent is working to get him out of Minnesota and onto a playoff team, but that remains a substantial `if’ to happen by a Saturday deadline.

"We’re trying to find a solution that makes sense," agent Mark Bartelstein said Monday. "We’re trying to find something, if it ever comes together. There’s a lot at stake, a lot involved. But nothing’s been decided at this point."

Walker wants out because he says he has accomplished too much and still has too much to offer to sit on the bench while the Wolves play their future.

So it goes when one can't let go of what used to be.

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Antoine Walker used to be a versatile and capable basketball player.  Unorthodox, sure, but competent without a doubt.  He could hit the three, post up, rebound and pass the ball with nice touch and superb vision for a man in a power forward's body.

That isn't the case anymore.

At 31, Antoine Walker is out of shape and off his game, likely permanently.  His quickness and swagger are gone, and it appears that many of his skills have gone with them.

Here's guessing this doesn't work out to 'Toine's liking. 

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