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Blogger MVP / ROY Rankings

Celticsblog is hosting Round 7 of the Blogger MVP and Rookie of the Year Rankings.  Links to the prior rounds can be found at the bottom of the post.  The voting is performed by highly skilled experts and/or people who watch waaay too much basketball.  

The esteemed panel this week includes:

Tom (Indy Cornrows ) | Spartacus (3 Shades of Blue ) | ClipperSteve (ClipsNation ) | Ryan (Hornets247 ) | Seth (Posting and Toasting ) | Jim (Greenbandwagon) | Matt (Blog-a-bull ) | Tom (Sactown Royalty ) | Nets Daily | Dave & Lee (Dream Shake ) | Collegwolf (TWolves Blog ) | Some Doodz (We Right Goode ) | Brett (Queen City Hoops ) | Green17 (Celticsblog ) | Ben (Third Quarter Collapse ) | Josh (Dinosty ) | Jeremy (Pick Axe and Roll ) | Jeramy (The Bratwurst ) | Dave (20 Second Timeout ) | And the genius behind the idea Alex from Brewhoop

MVP voting is done on a 10 point scale, for the rookies its 5 points.  We had a total of 20 participants this week.

This has become an interesting process as for the past few rounds LeBron has led the voting, which is contrary to the national NBA media which still largely considers KG as the MVP this season.  This round of voting didn't change the outcome, LeBron is King, and this time expanded his lead in the vote totals.  

Here's the breakdown starting with our MVP:

 #1: LeBron (187 total votes, 12 1st place votes)

30.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 7.5 assists per game.  The last time any player averaged 30/8/7 it was a guy named Jordan - and it was 1989 (he went for 32/8/8).  If Wally and Wallace can help Cleveland win some more games, it will help LeBron's cause - but he may not need much help with those numbers.  -- ClipperSteve

#2: Chris Paul: (170 total votes, 4 1st place votes)  

During All-Star Weekend, Bryant and other All-Stars raved about how well Paul is playing. He has it all--court vision, quickness and the ability to score. - Dave from 20 Second Timeout

All the players on the Hornets are flawed - West is undersized, Peja is poor near the basket, Peterson is only a shooter, Tyson is only a dunker-rebounder.  But playing with Paul, they have all taken turns looking like All-stars.  And the West is not an easy place to look good. -- Ryan from Hornets247

This round the voting was really a two-man race....which is surprising given #3 and #4 on the list.

#3: Kevin Garnett (139 total votes, 2 1st place votes)

I am confused by how the Celtics went 7-2 without Garnett and 0-3 since his return. However, I am not confused enough to think the Celtics are better in any way, shape or form without him. Boston's season depends on KG.  - Jim from Greenbandwagon

The Celtics 7-2 record without KG and lackluster start following the All-Star break definitely seemed to hurt Kevin's vote totals this time.  If the Celtics get on a roll again, KG can make a run at CP and LBJ.

#4: Kobe Bryant (138 total votes, 2 1st place & 7 2nd place votes) 

The Lakers are 9-1 since acquiring Pau Gasol, but Kobe carried the team through that point and has continued his strong play. I loved watching his ejection against the SuperSonics on Sunday night. When was the last time it looked like he gave a damn? Look out, league. -- Ben from Third Quarter Collapse

Amazingly three of our voters left Kobe off their ballots.  I don't know if these people should be invited back or not.  

# 5: Dwight Howard (104 total votes, most frequently voted into 4th place)

Much more than just a "Super" dunker, Howard has an excellent chance to average 22 ppg and 15 rpg while shooting better than .600 from the field. I'd take Duncan over him in a playoff series, but Howard is having the better regular season. - Dave from 20 Second Timeout

#6: Steve Nash (67 total votes, appeared on 75% of the ballots) 

#7: Timmmay! Duncan (63 total votes, consistent and totally boring)

 #8: Manu G I N O B I L I (47 total votes)

#9: Yao Ming (40 total votes) 

They've won 11 in a row, including a 20-point beatdown of the Conference leading Hornets.  The Wall has grabbed 14 boards in 3 of his last 4 games, while leading the Rockets back into the postseason discussion.  -- Spartacus from 3 Shades of Blue

#10: Chauncey Billups (27 total votes) 

Others receiving votes (in order): Dirk, Bosh, Amare, Boozer, Deron Williams, T-Mac, Baron, Pierce, Rasheed, AI, Caron Butler, Mitch Kupchak (I think Chris Wallace should split this one with Mitch), Kaman, Redd, Kidd (really?), Stephen Jackson.


Rookie of the Year Voting 

All season long, Kevin Durant has dominated this poll.  This week....he was almost over thrown by Al Horford.  KD held off Horford by a slim three votes to maintain his presumptive Rookie of the Year award.  

#1: Kevin Durant (83 Total Votes, 10 1st place votes)

He's a major talent, no doubt.  But his shooting percentage has decreased every month of the season so far... which isn't easy when you shoot 41.4% in November. -- ClipperSteve

#2: Al Horford (80 Total Votes, 8 1st place votes) 

Horford had an opportunity to take the top spot from Durant in the poll, but was left off one ballot entirely and given a 5th place vote by another.  Wacky.  

#3: Luis Scola (45 Total Votes) 

#4: Jamario Moon (25 Total Votes)

The next Tayshaun Prince also happens to be just four months younger than the current Tayshaun Prince. He's also been instrumental to Toronto's strong season.  - Ben from Third Quarter Collapse

#5: Sean Williams (12 Total Votes) 

Others receiving votes (in order): Noah, Young, Yi, Thorton, Navarro, Conley Jr., Louis Williams, Big Baby Davis, Corey Brewer.  

Links to prior rounds:

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