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One More Free Agent-To-Be That the C's Can Do Without

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This time, it's Gordan Giricek.

As reported by the excellent Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic:

Giricek, a 30-year-old, 6-foot-6 shooter, has played twice this month and could be bought out by Saturday, which would make him playoff eligible if it happens by Saturday.

Coro suggests Giricek as a possible albeit inferior alternative for the Suns if Brent Barry chooses to return to San Antonio.

So far as the Celtics are concerned, there should be no desire or need to bring in another GG.

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Gordan Giricek likes to shoot and has an attitude.

The C's have plenty of guys who like to shoot, and the great part have really been no attitude issues.  Giricek is a decent outside shooter (36.7 percent from deep for his career, a much less impressive 34.7 percent this season) who doesn't really possess any other notable skills.  He won't solve any of the ball-handling issues or make this team better defensively.

Further, a big part of the reason the dude got shipped out of Utah was because he whined, caused chemistry issues and didn't get along with Jerry Sloan.

No need for Danny Ainge to even bother taking a look here.

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