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PJ Brown to Boston

I went on a pretty substantial road trip today and heard the news on the radio that PJ Brown is headed to Boston. I like the deal for several reasons:

  1. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Scot Pollard's contribution will be minimal.
  2. The Celtics got another big guy not named "Kevin Garnett", which will save KG from some of the physical play.
  3. Brown has playoff experience.
  4. He is not the type of guy that will demand the ball on offense. I vaguely recall him having a good midrange shot. And he definitely can rebound and defend.
  5. If Charlie Ward decided to show up and give anyone crap the Celtics have the answer:

Some points about that video:
  • Was that an Ike Austin sighting?
  • How about Tim Hardaway? It's still downright odd to see him these days.

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