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Pierce & Allen Each Get An Assist

Give Pierce and Ray Allen credit for helping lure PJ Brown to Beantown.  From the Globe:

Brown, who was also courted by the Hornets, said his decision to come to Boston was strongly aided by a conversation he had with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in New Orleans Feb. 16.

"They just pulled me over and said, 'Man, we'd really love to have you on the team,' " said Brown before last night's game against the Cavaliers. " 'With your experience, we think you can help our young guys and add some stability to our team. As a player, we still think you can play. Your defense and rebounding fits in with what we're trying to do.'

"That made a huge difference in this whole deal. If that doesn't happen, you probably don't see me here today."

Other PJ notes:

  • He's "in shape" but not really "game shape" yet.  So expect him in the lineup after a couple of weeks (according to Tanguay last night).
  • He'll wear number 93 - the year he got drafted and married his wife.
  • He was already coaching up Kendrick Perkins on the sidelines last night. Telling the young (sometimes emotional) center to keep his head in the game.

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