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Game #57 - Open Game Thread: Celtics vs. Bobcats

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I understand the sentiment that Gerald Wallace is destined to put up big stats on a bad team. However, if I were a fan of the Charlotte Bobcats I would make outrageous claims about his value as a player, launch an ill-fated Wallace for the All Star game campaign, draft him two round too early in my fantasy basketball draft and in general let it be known how much I appreciated his contribution to the struggling Bobcats. And even though he is out with a concussion tonight I thought we all could enjoy some of his best dunks and blocks. If you haven't seen much of his play watch the clip. Wallace is reckless...

Update [2008-2-29 19:49:11 by Jim]:: In my game preview I wrote the following about Jeff McInnis: "There may still be a place for him in the NBA. But I would not say that place is a starting lineup." Clearly the Bobcats' management, most likely Michael Jordan himself, read it and decided to make a move. So McInnis is gone now. Greg Dickerson reported that it may have stemmed from an argument McInnis had about a month ago with MJ's buddy and Bobcats' head coach Sam Vincent. Either that or Charlotte wanted to see just exactly what Raymond Felton can do. Regardless I thought McInnis knew better than to mess with MJ's buddies.