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Putting the Kibosh On the Starbury Era in the Sizable Apple

With Isiah Thomas' tenure -- at least as general manager -- in that Sizable Apple rumored to be heading into its final days, it seems only right to milk the rest of the regime for all the amusement it's worth.

The latest bit of that comes in the form of the Knicks' recently leaked treatment of once-popular point guard Stephon Marbury.

As reported by Marc Berman of the New York Post:

February 29, 2008 -- Stephon Marbury has been instructed by Isiah Thomas not to attend Knicks home games - another indication of the continuing feud between the former pals, The Post has learned.

According to a Marbury confidant, the embattled point guard is under a gag order by Knicks management, forbidding him from speaking to the media. Marbury has not commented since his Jan. 22 ankle surgery. "They've got a muzzle on him," the confidant said.

Riveting stuff in New York as always.

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Granted, this shouldn't exactly come as a shock.

It didn't seem like the Thomas-Marbury relationship had strengthened all that much earlier in the week when Zeke suggested the Knicks' need for a third guard to firm up a backcourt of incumbents Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford for next season.  No love lost indeed.

But for whatever reason, it's the ban from the premises and gag order that takes this one over the top for me.

What an era.  Here's hoping it continues for as long as possible.