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Celtics Links - 2/3/08

Boston Herald
Jennings hopes to be affiliated with the Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - Good read for the Red Auerbach quote. Also Portland, Maine is an underrated New England city.
Kidd deals blow to New Jersey . Green Bandwagon Note - I'm officially tired of Jason Kidd. He doesn't want any part of New Jersey but is still upset they didn't extend his contract last summer. Also he never got over the Nets letting Kenyon Martin go. Has Martin done anything of note, besides have surgery, since he joined the Denver Nuggets?
Dunk by Green, assist by West. Green Bandwagon Note - Man Green seems lost. Also, why is there so much animosity in Boston towards Green? He's a great athlete, with a sweet jump shot and no basketball IQ. It happens.
Allen's ankles having an effect. Green Bandwagon Note - There is no denying that Ray Allen has had some great moments as a Boston Celtics while struggling as well. I keep wondering if he is hurt. And will he be able to put together a consistent stretch of good basketball?? Should we expect anymore from Allen? Will he have big games - see Dallas Mavericks on TNT - but be unable to do that on a regular basis?
Celtics Blog
A happy Kobe is a scary Kobe. Green Bandwagon Note - I don't hate Kobe Bryant like so many people around the country. But even I'm tired of him. And by no means is he going away now.
Loy's Place
Rough schedule ahead. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm extremely excited for the Denver, Golden State, Phoenix, Portland and LA Clippers road trip.
Denver Nuggets
Nuggets interested in Cassell. Green Bandwagon Note - Hey I want the Celtics to get Cassell somehow. Don't get me wrong. And everybody seems to love him. But isn't it odd that he has been traded so many times? And Cassell hasn't won a NBA championship since he played with Hakeem Olajuwon 13 seasons ago.
Red's Army
Ain't gonna happen. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm of the opinion that Gasol gets a bit of a bad rap. Maybe he's not good enough to be the #1 guy. But he's not terrible. In fact he is much better than people seem willing to admit.
The Shamrock Headband
Getting over Gasol.
Lex Nihil Novi
Is Power being showcased? Green Bandwagon Note - Interesting premise. Although I'd say undersized power forwards are not exactly in demand around the league. They're everywhere. The greater question with Powe is where was he over the first two, bordering on three, months of the season?
Patriots Ledger
Home grown: C's absent from world party. Green Bandwagon Note - I do find that a bit odd in today's NBA. But hey run with it.

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