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Celtics Links - 2/4/08

Boston Herald
Big Ticket still not ready to ride. Green Bandwagon Note - Boston fans of my generation have been skittish with injuries ever since Nomar Garciapara initially hurt his wrist and we watched his career spiral downwards. I'm not saying Kevin Garnett is hurt in the same way. Furthermore, I'm glad the Celtics are cautious and hope this story is a non-issue a month from now. I'm just saying... Finally, I haven't seen much of Nancy Lane's work and wonder if the photo accompanying this article is a typical example. See picture.
Boston Globe
Pierce's final analysis: LA's a contender. Green Bandwagon Note - Ugh.
Notes and interviews from practice.
Loy's Place
Random Thoughts 2/4.
Celtics 17
Ray Allen belongs on that All Star Team. Green Bandwagon Note - Hey if the Pistons had 4 guys on the team a few seasons ago anything is possible. And I get the argument about players putting up numbers for losing teams versus guys sacrificing their stats for winning teams. However, Allen has been too inconsistent to really be an All Star. I'm not saying Joe Johnson deserves it more. Jose Calderon would have been a fine choice.
Red's Army
Mid season report card.
Chicago Tribune
Deal or no deal Bulls' dilemma. Green Bandwagon Note - I'd argue that their underachieving, inconsistent play with a dose of indifference are the bigger issues facing the Bulls.
The Painted Area
Lakers vs Celtics? How did we get here?
San Antonio Blog
Are the Celtics overrated? Green Bandwagon Note - This blog confuses a bad way.
Detroit News
Redick wants a trade but Orlando isn't obliging. Green Bandwagon Note - If this somehow decreases the airing of his Better Shooting commercials I am intrigued.

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