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Doc Not Worried About KG

Bulpett reports:

Garnett most likely is out for tomorrow night’s game in Cleveland against the Cavaliers and, with no practice in between, Wednesday’s home affair with the Los Angeles Clippers.

"There’s no date (for his return)," Rivers said. "It could be as early as this weekend or it could be after All-Star break (Feb. 15-17). Now this break’s over and he’s not back, but he had four days of no games, so that was a benefit.

"Hopefully, he’s back before All-Star break, but if he’s not, then we have that whole break, as well."

I was encouraged to hear that KG has accepted the rest as necessary:

Garnett has fallen into line with that thinking, as well. Although he tried to talk his way into the lineup against the Magic on Jan. 27, he has cooled his jets since.

"He’s been great since that," Rivers said. "He was working on adrenaline (Jan. 27). You know, he got in Orlando and thought, ‘You know what? I can go.’ I feel better. But you could look at him and see he couldn’t play. But he’s been great. He doesn’t even bring it up right now."

You could almost imagine Ray Allen talking to him about the pitfalls of rushing back.


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