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A Week Of Stories

Should be a fun week of stories surrounding the Celtics.

  • Tues. 2/5 @ Cleveland: MVP! MVP! MVP! - Who deserves it more?  KG or LeBron James?  Of course they can't go head to head during this game because KG is still working on getting back to 100%.  Side story is the growing need for the Cavs to add a piece to surround LeBron with talent.  He's seen Pierce get KG and Ray Allen and now he's seen Kobe get Gasol.  The pressure is on Ferry to step up.
  • Wed. 2/6 vs. LA Clippers: Sam I Am comes to town.  To stay?  Probably not.  Or not yet anyway.  But we can hope something will give as the trade deadline gets closer.  Things are starting so shake out and dominos are starting to fall.  What will happen next?
  • Fri. 2/8 @ Minnesota: Rematch of the closer-than-expected battle last time.  Was it just riding the adrenaline or have the T-pups turned the corner?  Any way we can get Gomes to come back to Boston in the offseason?
  • Sun. 2/10 vs. San Antonio: Once an annual butt-whoopin' but now just another test for the Celtics.  They passed the test vs. the Mavs and they are unbeaten vs. the West.  Can they defeat the defending Champs too?
  • Next Week: Indy, New York, and the All Star Weekend

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