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10 Over 10 In 2010

I was just looking over some of the salary projections for teams on Hoopshype and some numbers stuck out to me.  It seems like there are quite a few bad contracts that actually top the $10M mark in 2009/2010.  I only picked those categories because they were round numbers. 

Also, this is just a very quick list and I've left off a number of players that you could argue also belong on this "do not deserve" list.  So just take this as a scattershot to make a point.  And what is the point?  I'm not sure really.  Just made me all that much more appreciative of the $4.2M Kendrick Perkins will earn that season.  Here's the list I came up with:

Shaq $20M
Ben Wallace $14M
Kenyon Martin $15.3M
Larry Hughes $13.6M
Brad Miller $12.2M
Troy Murphy $11M
Erick Dampier $10.1M
Nene $10.5M
Adonal Foyle $10.5
Bobby Simmons $10.5

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