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Condescending to the Knicks...from Clipper Land

Help me out here, please: Are the Knicks really in this sad a state, or does Mike Dunleavy simply have no perspective?

The original story on this broke a few weeks back, but since it has just come to light that Dunleavy called to apologize to Isiah Thomas two weeks ago, it seems worth bringing back a priceless remark from the Clips coach, as reported by the New York Post:

Dunleavy, upset over ownership coming out publicly and saying that the undermanned Clippers should be a playoff team, fired back at his impatient boss by saying: "I would only make deals to help our future - anything else is suicide. Anything else and you become the New York Knicks. Now if you want to do that and take on big contracts and long-term deals to potentially hit a home run or get some kind of turnaround, that's not the direction, I would go as a businessman or if I owned the team."

Just awesome stuff.

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Wow.  The coach of the league's most renowned doormat over the last decade and a half calls out the running of the league's marquee franchise.  The doormats in question have been to the playoffs just twice in fourteen years and have had only one season with a winning record over that time span.

The saddest part?  The doormats' coach is absolutely right about the running of the franchise in the Sizable Apple.

Just one more sad footnote to a decade of misery in New York. 

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