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Doc Appreciates Scal

Mark Murphy has some glowing words from Doc on Brian Scalabrine:

Though his start against the Mavericks was statistically empty - the forward did not take a shot or grab a rebound in 17 minutes - that’s not how the forward measures his game.

"I’ll never look at Scal’s numbers," Rivers said. "He’ll always wow us with the little things he does.

"One thing the other night against Dallas that someone would never think of is the way he shadowed the ball coming down the floor. I think that took nine seconds off their time on the shot clock, he was doing that so well. That’s the kind of thing you look for with Scal."
I don't consider myself a big fan of Scal, but I've never understood the utter loathing of him by some fans.  He's an easy target I guess, because he sticks out.  But he's not counted on to do too much (how many times has he been the difference between winning and losing?) and he isn't really that overpaid (who have we not been able to sign or trade for because Scal's salary is just too high?).  He is what he is.  A role player coming off the bench to help where he can.  That's all I see at least.

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