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Cassell Has Agent On The Job

samiam.jpgFrom Mitch Lawrence:

They say Kevin Garnett is working to bring his former Minnesota teammate in, and that possibility is bound to be discussed over dinner tonight when Cassell enjoys a night off in Boston with his old friend before they play tomorrow. 

For those wondering, I don't believe there is any rule against players talking to players as long as the GMs don't get involved.  If Sam agrees to a buyout, that makes him a free agent able to sign anywhere.  It would still take Danny Ainge making him an offer to put him in a Celtics jersey. 

However, concerns about messing with chemistry should be somewhat quieted by the fact that Sam and KG are such good friends.  Besides, who can resist the infectious smile that Sam always seems to play with?  Cassell would provide veteran, Championship level experience and a perfect mentor to Rondo.  All indications are that Sam wouldn't mind coming off the bench either.  It just makes too much sense.

But will it get done?  It sounds like Sam wants to make it happen.

Still, it's a natural fit. So would Cassell like to get a buyout from the Clippers, then move on to Boston as a free agent? Put it this way: With the Lakers getting Pau Gasol, he'd be crazy to want to stay in L.A.

"That's the only way anything can transpire," said Cassell, before icing the win with a 16-foot jumper in the final 30 seconds. "I don't want to get into all the details. I just play the game of basketball. But that's what (agent) David Falk is for. And he's working. He's working."

Keep working David.  Get that buyout and get Sam to Boston.  We'd welcome him with open arms and he'd help us win some games in the playoffs.  Keep working.

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