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Nellie Confuses Anew

From last week's musings about why the Chris Webber signing works in Golden State:

But here is the catch to all [the doubts]:  Webber isn't being brought in to fill the same role he did in Detroit.

C-Webb started 42 of the 43 games he appeared in as a Piston.   That will also be the approximate percentage of the time that Webber comes off the bench for the Warriors.

Sound the buzzer on me.  Since apparently that isn't at all the case.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Don Nelson has other ideas:

"Absolutely, I think he should start," Nelson said after practice Monday. "I'm planning on starting him every game."

Label me confused.

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The Webber signing seemed to make sense so long as he was used for spot minutes in the regular season, with his role probably expanding when the games slow down in the playoffs.  Starting him seems like it will either force the Warriors to water down their frenetic attack a bit, or -- since Webber isn't adjusting to play the run-and-gun style -- it could simply make them weaker.

That said, Nellie has pushed all the right buttons with this team over the past year, and perhaps it couldn't hurt to let him keep calling the shots and pulling the right strings.  But at least to an extent, the skepticism remains. 

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