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Shaq to Phoenix?

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First off I have to link to fellow SB Nation blog Bright Side of The Sun where they are not taking the news well. I'm almost too shocked to even post. Not only does this trade not make sense. It just feels wrong on so many levels. Some examples:

  1. Picture the Phoenix Suns without Shawn Marion's defense, relentless athleticism (for some reason I like that term), efficient offense and all around versatility.
  2. Jack McCallum's Seven Seconds or Less: My Season on the Bench with the Runnin' and Gunnin' Phoenix Suns was a joy to read partly because it described how Steve Nash's ability and Mike D'Antoni's systems combined to create such enjoyable basketball. That's out the window.  
  3. Now we need a book that talks about how the Suns brain trust destroyed what could have been something special. I dealt with Phoenix's intense fear of the luxury tax, the complete disregard for draft picks (due  to the aforementioned luxury tax issue), Bryan Colangelo heading north, the Kurt Thomas trade and the Marcus Banks signing. But if the Suns really acquire Shaq I will hate the Suns. Hate. To be fair this might all be Robert Sarver's fault.
  4. We know the window is closing on Steve Nash. Why slam it shut?
  5. As a side note how dangerous would Rajon Rondo be if he apprenticed under Nash and played the back up role in Phoenix?
  6. Can Dwyane Wade publicly praise this deal? You know he's ecstatic.
  7. It kills me that someone is bailing out Pat Riley. They should throw in Leandro Barbosa and Raja Bell for Jason Williams to make sure Nash has a back up. Did the sarcasm come through on that one?  
  8. This deal is bad for the NBA. I said it.
  9. On the bright side Grant Hill could have a Gary Payton "I didn't sign up for this" moment. That's the only positive I've come up with so far.
  10. The deal is supposed to go through as long as Shaq passes a physical. Does anyone think Shaq can easily pass a physical?  
  11. Do the Suns know something we don't? Was Shawn Marion a silent partner in Bad Newz Kennels? There has to be something going on here.  
  12. Banks. 4 teams in 5 seasons?
Nice job breaking this story Barry Jackson.

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