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Celtics Are Chatty

Lebron rated the Celtics one of the most talkative.  No word on who he thought was "most likely to succeed" or who he'd vote for as homecoming queen.  (Boston Herald)

James can see that the Celts have the best record in the NBA, and he also believes they are at or near the top in another category.

Asked if the C’s were among the most talkative teams, he said, "They’re up there. You’ve got them and the Pistons. Those are the two teams that talk, but they’ll back it up."

On whether the talk is antagonistic, James said, "In a competitive way, but sometimes it can get annoying. But they back it up. Detroit, we all know that they get flying at the mouth sometimes, but they play great basketball. The same with the Celtics."

The quietest team?

"Utah," James said. "They just kick your (butt) and they don’t say nothing."

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