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Everyone In The West Is Scrambling

The Pau Gasol trade sure set things off didn't it?  The Lakers upped the ante in the West and now teams are scrambling to catch up.  You know about the Shaq to Phoenix deal, but what could be coming next?

For one thing, the Spurs are not ruling out an upgrade.  Via Fanhouse:

"If we don't see anything we think will help us, we won't do it," Popovich said, "But I'm not prepared to say, like I did last year at this point, there will be no trade."

But that's not all.  Here are some more rumors/ideas:

It should be a fun deadline to watch, even if we'll be watching mostly from the sidelines.  Danny did his handy work in the offseason.  Hopefully that will be enough to hold the rest of the league off.

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