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Yessss! Good News For TNT Viewers

In case the catchphrase in the headline didn't give it away, yes, Marv Albert has re-upped for the foreseeable future with Turner Network Television.

As reported by TV Week:

Turner Sports said it signed announcer Marv Albert to a new contract running through the 2015-16 NBA season.

Mr. Albert will continue to work one of TNT’s Thursday night NBA games, the All-Star Game and Conference Finals playoff contests.

No complaints here.  Read More..

For all his years in the business, Albert remains one of if not the top play-by-play voices in the game (I'm a Mike Breen guy by nature, and Gus Johnson should be in the discussion).  All out-of-booth misconduct aside -- primarily because, years later, there are still mixed reports about what actually happened in certain instances -- the man is excellent at what he does.  His voice is distinctive.  He tends to work well and be able to entertain no matter who he is paired with, although his recently ended partnership with Steve Kerr was particularly successful prior to Kerr's defection to the Suns.  He knows his stuff.

And, of course, "Yessss!" will always be music to many a basketball fan's ears. 

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