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Cassell Willing To Pay His Way To Boston

Marc Spears has this scoop:

Clippers point guard Sam Cassell is literally willing to pay the price to become a member of the Celtics.

Cassell told The Boston Globe this morning that his agent, David Falk, has had conversations with the Clippers about a potential buyout and he is interested in joining the Celtics if such happens. The 38-year-old is making $6.15 million this season in the final year of his contract with the Clippers. Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has said he is interested in finding "the right veteran point guard" and is rumored to have interest in Cassell.

"I’ve earned enough," said Cassell, on his willingness to accept a buyout. "I’ve saved a little money. I put money away. I just want to win. Winning is the most important thing to me."

Cassell said a buyout is "the only way I can get (to Boston)." An NBA source said the Clippers do not have any trades or buyout on the table for Cassell. Ainge does not comment on other team’s players.

"I think I’d be a nice addition (to Boston)," Cassell said. "It would be fun, but I don’t even know if I’m wanted that far yet. I’m playing for the Clippers now."

"Whatever happens, happens," Cassell said. "But it is a good situation, the Boston situation, with the pieces and (Garnett) gets healthy. I’ve played with him before. I’ve played with Ray Allen before. I don’t think the adjustment would be tough for me. I get with Paul during the summer (in Los Angeles). I get with Perk during the summer. There are a lot of guys on that team that I am familiar with…

"I think it’s realistic. It’s matter of just time. I don’t want to say too much. I’m optimistic about the whole situation. That’s why I got David Falk. That’s what he loves to do." 

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