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Revisiting the Shaq Trade

I went to play some pick up basketball tonight. Only five guys showed. We played 31, which is extremely similar to 21, minus the final score and the fact that you can shoot one three pointer instead of three foul shots after a made basket. And I was on fire from the field. Hook shots, runners, scoop shots, up and under, T-Rex shots (think short arming them), underhanded, you name it. But I was atrocious from the line. Just awful. I threw up some air balls, missed on thirty twice and essentially humiliated myself. As a result I lost all five games. Now in some ways my game was the most fun to watch. I hit several, "Are you kidding me?" shots. However, it is all about winning. And if the Phoenix Suns came to the conclusion that their team was simply a lot of fun to watch, but not built to win, so be it. Steve Kerr and Mike D'Antoni both know far more about basketball than I do.

In my head I don't believe Shaq has very much left. But then he's still Shaq and over the last few days a lot of people, myself included, have taken their shots at him. A mad Shaq could be a dangerous Shaq. Also check out his arms. Does he all of the sudden have a lot more tattoos than say a year or two ago?

I've always been a Shawn Marion fan. And I believe that over the years he has never gotten enough credit for guarding almost anyone and playing bigger than he actually is. But it is disconcerting that he is okay with leaving the team with the best record in the West and Steve Nash for a team with the worst record in the East. Although, the fact that the Miami Heat are still technically within striking distance of the playoffs is probably worse. But back to Marion. He's made so much money over his career and anyone who cares about the NBA praises his game. What else does he want? He's not going to get more attention than Dwyane Wade. Does he need to be the man on an atrocious squad? Once again I'm a huge Marion fan, but he's dropped a few notches in my eyes. If he somehow gets Miami into the second round of the playoffs though all bets are off.

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