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Cassell Says He Was Misquoted

ESPN is reporting:

"There's no truth to it," Cassell said by telephone from Toronto, where the Clippers play Friday night. "I never said I wanted to buy out my contract. There have been no negotiations, the team hasn't come to me about that, I have not gone to them about that."

"They misquoted me drastically," Cassell said of the report. "It's just not right for my teammates to hear I'd be a perfect fit in Boston."

Cassell referred to television coverage of the published report.

"That's not what I said," Cassell said. "The reporter said I'd be a perfect fit in Boston. I'm still a member of the Los Angeles Clippers and I want to win as many games as possible with the Clippers. I'm not happy that we're losing, but I have a lot of good teammates on this ballclub that I really enjoy being around."

For those that missed it, here is Sam's flagrant foul on Rondo in last night's game. 

I'm a fan of Sam I Am.  He cracks me up and I just like his game.  I've made no secret about my hope that the Celtics can somehow get him on the roster.  But after this week, I'm officially getting tired of writing about him.  If he comes here, great.  If he stays in LA or gets traded, fine.  But enough already. 

Update from Marc Spears:

"I've really enjoyed covering Sam Cassell since I began as a beat reporter in the NBA in 1999, and I've always considered him fun and entertaining. But with all due respect to Sam, I stand by my story. I have the entire interview on tape and after talking to me on Wednesday morning, he was quoted saying similar things to other Boston media outlets prior to the game against the Celtics."

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