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Celtics Links: 2/8/08

Boston Herald
McHale has no regrets. Green Bandwagon Note - That's a lot easier to say when Kevin Garnett is out of the lineup and not capable of using it as motivation to reek havoc in his homecoming. Although to be fair, McHale makes some interesting points. I was particularly intrigued by this quote:

"I've never seen teams lie more after a big deal to try to pacify their fans and say, `Well, we offered all this.' I can tell you that I read three or four things that said a source high up in Organization X said they offered this, this and this. I wish they had. Then we might have had more competition in the deal. But it just wasn't true. People came out after the trade and said Boston didn't give up anything. For me, I can either call those organizations out on the carpet and say they're all lying. Or you can just shake your head like I normally do and just go, `Wow, people are really insecure.'" - Kevin McHale

Allen getting legs back under him. Green Bandwagon Note - I was excited because I thought this article was about Ray Allen. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for Tony Allen. But I already knew he was doing better. Especially after he did this.
Cassell rips Globe story. Green Bandwagon Note - You know the Herald loved running this story. Just compare its headline to the Globe's (see link).
Boston Globe
Cassell Denies Wanting to be Bought Out of Deal. Green Bandwagon Note - Marc Spears stands by his story and has the interview on tape.
Maximum Love in Mini. Green Bandwagon Note: Timberwolves super fan Bill Beise:
"I miss Kevin, that's all I can say. He's not there and it's a big void for me."

Easy there champ. You might want to take a few plays off.
Mid Season Lull May Benefit Long Term.
Loy's Place
Random Thoughts 2/8.
Celtics 17
Rondo Moving Up the Ladder. Green Bandwagon Note: Yikes. Get better FLCeltsFan.
Garnett: This is an Injury.
Pioneer Press
Garnett's agenda tonight: Take a bow and then disappear. Green Bandwagon Note - Not sure how I feel about this.
A Cruel Month Awaits the Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - A bit dated but worth a read.
Don't Tell Anyone But Rondo is For Real.
5 things to look for between now and the All Star break.
Cassell to Boston - the buyout rumor that won't die.
The Shamrock Headband
Lex Nihil Novi
Shaq more like Namath or more like Wilt?
Wicked Good Sports
Planet Pollard: Clam Chowder.
Gorman's game recap.

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