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Free Tickets And Farwell For TWolves Fans

From the TWolves official website: (hat tip Fanhouse)

In response to the likelihood of former Timberwolves player Kevin Garnett not being able to participate in Friday night's game between Minnesota and Boston, the Timberwolves announced Thursday that all fans in attendance will receive a voucher redeemable for one ticket to an upcoming Wolves game. The gesture is in recognition of the special circumstance of Garnett's return to Minnesota, the fan sentiment surrounding this game and also serves as a thank you to loyal Wolves fans in attendance.

A very classy move by the TWolves organization.  Although at least one blogger wishes they had gone one step further.  From TWolvesBlog:

"If the Wolves organization had a sense of humor, Friday night also should be Reunion Night. They could invite a sampling of all the awful draft choices and spent veterans they tried to surround KG with, and make Ticket low-five and bump those folks during introductions. Think of it--Paul Grant, William Avery, Ebi, Marcus Taylor, Rick Rickert, Loren Woods, Stanley Roberts, Stoyko, Rasho, Gary Trent, Bill Curley--the blacklist goes on and on. Even Sprewell with his well-fed family and blank life-size cardboard cut-outs of the draft choices lost in the Joe Smith debacle could be included. That would be good for a hearty cathartic laugh, and some perspective."

They won't got that far, but it does sound like the fans will get thier chance to at least cheer KG in a suit. (Jerry Zgoda - Star Tribune)

Instead, the Wolves have received a one-minute exemption from the NBA in their pregame routine tonight to acknowledge Garnett's presence on the Boston bench just before the Celtics starters are introduced. Then, he is expected to retreat to the locker room just down the hall from where he resided for 12 seasons to watch the game from a location he insists upon when he's not healthy enough to play.

Not sure why the writer would hint around the fact that KG might not be as injured as he claims.  If this Zgoda covered the TWolves for any length of time he would understand what kind of warrior KG is.

Anyway, I'm happy that KG will get honored and that he's coming out to tip his hat to the loyal fans of Minnesota.  They need their closure and it is time for everyone to officially move on.

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