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Mike Miller Talks Like a Professional

This sort of thing really shouldn't impress me this much.

With the Grizzlies' recent sale of Pau Gasol to the Left Coast (again, that's 'sale' as opposed to 'trade'), word continues to swirl that Memphis will be dealing all of its marketable veteran assets.  General Manager Chris Wallace heartily denies this, but that's beside this particular point.  The impressive part is swingman Mike Miller's take on matters, as reported by the Commercial Appeal:

"If a deal comes they can't refuse, I don't expect them not to take it," Miller said. "We understand each other. I told them I'm going to play as hard as I can. I'm going to try to win games. And they've been completely honest with me."

Perhaps it is a sad reflection of the modern culture of the Association -- and pro sports at large -- that this sort of comment strikes me as such an admirable gesture.

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That said, we are living in an age of an abundance of trade demands -- many through the press -- incessant complaining about already-exorbitant salaries and more than the necessary share of loafing.  As such, a refreshing character doesn't hurt every now and then.

Mike Miller is a capable veteran in this league who has been putting everything out there night in and night out for a very bad basketball team.  He has now seen his best ally shipped out of town, and his team is clearly in rebuilding mode.  Yet he understands that his job is to go out and play good hard basketball every night for whoever happens to sign his contract.

No matter what it says about everyone else that I feel the need to take time out of my day and yours to commend him for this, I'm just happy Mike Miller gave me the opportunity to do so.

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