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Powe Seals It


  • Powe hits the buzzer beater after the no call on Ray Allen's drive. 
  • This one was ugly for most of the game but got interesting in the fourth.
  • I'm a little worried about Perkins.  That's the same shoulder he had dislocated in years past.
  • In an odd way, I found myself happy for Jefferson when he got hot in the 4th.  Must be a reflex reaction.  I love that guy, but I'm glad he was off for much of the game against us.
  • I still miss Ryan Gomes too.
  • Another great game by Powe.  Love seeing this kid blossom.
  • Ok, I'll say it.  Why is Scalabrine starting again?  It is time for Powe and Baby.
  • Another solid game by Rondo too.


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