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Daily Links 2/9

Herald    Celtics go with the Powe      
Minny fans salute KG    
Jefferson stands by his post      
Globe   Timber Rattler     
Garnett still iffy for show    
Powe's hoop shocks Wolves    The Homecoming  - Sean Grande         
T'Wolves Blog   Musings of a Wolves fan - Wolves vs Celtics  
CelticsBlog   The saddest state of one Minny Celtic       
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Wolves   
Powe's Game winner lifts Celtics over Wolves    Heier Play of the Day:   Leon Powe   
ESPN   Garnett can only watch as Powe's last second layup lifts Celtics     
Garnett's homecoming      
Celtics 24/7   Powe's game winner lifts Celtics over Wolves   
Red's Army    Powe huge again     
Leon T-shirt special     
Connecticut Post   Powe puts back last second game winner     
Fox Sports    Powe shoots Celtics to buzzer victory     
Daily Globe    Give McHale credit. Garnett trade is working out     
Winona Daily News   Minnesota fans still appreciate Garnett   
ProTrade   Garnett not back until March?      
Star Tribune    Wolves game recap    
Tribute, game over in a flash     
OC Register    Suspension saddles Cassell            
Twin   KG will appear, not sit on the bench    
Critical Fanatic's Blog   How does the Kevin Garnett trade look now?    
The Sports Brief    C's adjusting without KG, can they adjust upon his return?    
Hoopsworld    Second half studs    
Lex Nihil Novi    The glove admits he's out of shape        
1986 C's fall to Kings, drop to 38-9     
Enterprise   Kevin Garnett to miss Target    
Shamrock Headband    Potential realized     
RallyTown    Do the Celtics need to make a move?      
Metro    Bittersweet return for KG     
Pioneer Press      Buzzer kill        
Fans give KG much love     

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