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Celtics Links: 2/9/08

Boston Herald
Celtics go with the Powe.
Minny fans salute KG. Green Bandwagon Note - It was a nice moment even with the ESPN guys talking over it. And the applause was loud. But does anybody else think the Target Center was not exactly rocking?
Jefferson Stands By His Post. Green Bandwagon Note - I've been thinking about this for a few days now. At some point does Jefferson become just another guy around the league? Two seasons from now? Three seasons from now? Never?  
Boston Globe
Timber Rattler.

"They only had one person back and we had four people. I said, 'Let me run as fast as I can.' Hopefully, if he missed I was going to tip it in. But I didn't know about the clock, so I said, 'Just grab it, put it in, and be sure.' The clock was on my side. I just made a good hustle play, that's it. I didn't do anything extra. It wasn't like it was a fadeaway Michael Jordan shot." - Leon Powe

I like the Timberwolves because much of their personnel are familiar and it is a young team trying to learn how to play. But getting beat down the court in the waning seconds like that does look bad. And that's why Celtics fans love Powe. He is always hustling up and down the court.
The Homecoming - Sean Grande. Green Bandwagon Note - Grande does a great job emphasizing how loyal KG was to Minnesota. However, he goes a little overboard. How are people supposed to treat their cell phone carriers the same way Garnett treated the Timberwolves? Hell if Verizon gave me over $100 million I'd burn down its competitors. Also, and this is coming from a guy who desperately needs an editor (any takers?), Grande might need an editor. And he does come off like a Garnett apologist.
T'Wolves Blog
Musings of a Wolves fan - Wolves vs. Celtics.
The saddest state of one Minny Celtic.
Loy's Place
Comments on the other side - Wolves.
Powe's Game winner lifts Celtics over Wolves.
Heier Play of the Day: Leon Powe. Green Bandwagon Note - Nice. A little publicity for Powe. He deserves it. And while where here does anyone else think the videos on are difficult to access and annoying as hell?
Celtics 24/7
Powe's game winner lifts Celtics over Wolves.
Red's Army
Powe huge again.
Leon t-shirt special.
Garnett not back until March? Green Bandwagon Note - I heard that for the first time last night. It is what it is. Celtics fans just want him healthy for April through June.
OC Register
Suspension saddles Cassell. Green Bandwagon Note - It was a stupid foul. But he already was ejected from the game. I guess that's the NBA...
Lex Nihil Novi
The glove admits he's out of shape.
The Shamrock Headband
Potential Realized.

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