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Herald   Celts scratch and claw through difficult victory    
Never easy to defend this team’s offense      
Adding Cassell can only help      
Garnett moving in the right direction     
No PJ just yet    
Globe     Celtics hold off pesky Bobcats      
Cassell clear to here?     
Sam he is      
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LOY's Place   Perk and Rondo star as Celtics beat Bobcats    
Comments from the other side - Bobcats    
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Lue could be valuable    
Cassell to sign with the Celtics        
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Celtics hold off Bobcats   
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Shamrock Headband   Yes we can     
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Lex Nihil Novi    Poof! Lakers win streak is over    
Bynum and the Beast        
The Beast unleashed     Celtics cruise past Charlotte