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Doc: Playoffs Are All That Matter

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Chuck Klosterman wrote a long, sometimes long winded but interesting outsider's perspective of the Celtics.  I wasn't as impressed with it as I was hoping, but there were some good quotes in there.  Here's one from Doc that I found interesting.

"The amount of wins we get this year is insignificant. I honestly could not care less," Rivers says. Such sentiments are often prefabricated coach-speak, and at first, that’s what I think he’s expressing. But as he continues, I realize he’s being uncommonly candid. "Fifty wins, 60, 45 — it does not matter. All I want is to be the best team we can be when the playoffs start, and I know that we can be better than the team we are now. There are teams that have a huge advantage over us, and we can’t make that advantage up. We have to make it up in other ways. San Antonio, Detroit, Dallas — they’ve all been to the finals, and two of those teams have won it all. They’ve been in Game 7s and in team fights and in team controversies. We’ve haven’t been in any of that. We’ve been in nothing, and we can’t catch up to them in that regard. So chemistry kind of becomes everything for us. We never practice for the next day. We practice for the playoffs."