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Hanging Out In Florida

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Well it's been a strange week. I left for Florida early Wednesday morning and really didn't know what to expect. I was greeted by thunderstorms, tornado warnings, flash flooding and some amazing weather as well. I don't want to overstate the weather because I was never in danger. And obviously I have not had any access to the Internet. Thankfully the good people at ESPN decided to show the Celtics host Detroit and Chicago. So even though I've been quiet I do have some reactions:

  • Man it was great to beat the Pistons. Granted it does not mean a thing. But there was a lot of positive buzz around Detroit. A lot of people were pointing to their experience, strong bench and the ultimate X factor - Rasheed Wallace - as evidence of Detroit's elite status. It was nice that the Celtics reminded everyone they still belong in that conversation.
  • I haven't had time to read anyone else lately but am I the thousandth person to make the Brian Scalabrine/Full Metal Jacket reference? That will probably have to go the way of the old "make the plane out of the stuff the black box is made out of" joke that everyone told.
  • I will say that the ESPN crew does a much better job than the ABC guys when it comes to calling a game. But I could do without all of the forced story lines and the lack of focus on the game. Granted Chicago didn't show up to play. And Sam Cassell in civilian clothes, which meant he could be interviewed in addition to all of the talk about his presence, was a network's dream. I just wish the game were compelling enough for everyone else.
  • PJ Brown looked rusty.
  • Sadly the Memphis game was the first one I've missed in a while. I'll get caught up in a few days when I get back home. It is important to note that with the victory over the Grizzlies the C's picked up their 49th win of the season, which is exactly what I guessed they would end up with in my season preview. At the time I said the following,
"That's a huge turn around from last season and a rare display of rational thought from me. I fought the urge to predict a 50+ win season. Call it the Doc Rivers effect."
Clearly I underestimated how good Kevin Garnett is, how much better the defense would be, how much the bench players would bring to the table and yes the job Doc Rivers would do. So I was way off and I'm happy I was. Well I wish my prediction were better but I'm happy I was wrong. Does that make sense? Let's move on.
  • Over the last several days I read The Professional and Lute. Dr. Z called the former his favorite book of all time and having read it I understand why he loved it. I enjoyed both books, will talk more about them later and in the meantime encourage you to read both.
  • I won't be fully up and running again until Thursday but will be following the team closely and chiming in occasionally between now and then.