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Game #62 - Open Game Thread: Celtics @ 76ers

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Well it is my first one of these in a while. The last time these two teams met in Philly the Celtics had to fight to win the game. Tony Allen, after a difficult first half, made some progress in his comeback during the second half. Though I'm shocked that the Sixers have the 7th seed right now I like this team. I'm a bigger fan than Samuel Dalembert than most people, though clearly not as much as Billy King did. I love Louis Williams' game, the way Reggie Evans goes after rebounds and the over the top athleticism of Andre Iguodala. And I'm an Andre Miller fan as well. Having said that it would be great for the Celtics to take care of business and keep on rolling. The C's have won 8 in a row with some big victories in that stretch. And there are some big ones looming. Let's continue to enjoy the ride.

One more point. There's a good chance that Philly makes the playoffs and Allen Iverson and the Denver Nuggets don't. That's downright ironic. It also says a ton about the East and West. But everyone seems to be harping on that. So I just want the Kendrick Perkins resurgence to keep on rolling. He really has been awesome.

Go Celtics.