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Check It Out: Latest Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings Are Up

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This season, sites around the blogosphere have been hosting periodic votes among writers across the 'Net to monitor the progress of the races for Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year.

For the previous edition, CelticsBlog's own Green17 did an excellent job hosting the rankings, and this time around he and I collaborated to account for CB's vote on a panel filled with some of the Web's brightest basketball writers.

Not only are the rankings up, but TWolvesBlog's College Wolf knocked them out of the park with his presentation.

Some brief highlights:

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  • Bullets Forever's Mike Prada has a nicely articulated thought on Chauncey and the Pistons.
  • Apparently, I'm not the only dude who thought Marcus Camby should at least get a vote in the back five (it appears that I have one sympathizer).
  • My long-admired boys from We Rite Goode on their choice of Bron for MVP: "Duh."  Fun stuff regardless of the fact that Green17 and I don't see eye to eye with them.
We would say more here, but we don't want to steal CW's thunder, and you really should head on over there to check this one out in its entirety.  It really is a job well done by all who participated.  Thanks again to College Wolf for inviting us to be a part of it.