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Bad News On Horizon For Clips Fans

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The Clippers are in the market for a new point guard to finish the season.

Scratch that.  It appears the Clippers are going after an attitude problem who occasionally stands in at the Position Formerly Known As Point Guard.  And poorly at that.

As reported by the LA Times:

The Clippers are interested in signing veteran point guard Smush Parker, waived recently by the Miami Heat, for the rest of the season, Clippers sources said.

Parker, 26, played in only nine games with the Heat this season and had been on paid leave since a Nov. 27 incident with a Miami valet parking attendant.

After a long standoff, he was waived Monday.

No, Elgin, no!

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It really just seems particularly cruel for the Clippers' front office to even think about doing this to its fan base.

It is one thing to be bad, which the Clippers certainly have been this season.  Part of that isn't even the fault of management, as injuries have decimated this team from the start, and thus the higher-ups have had something of an out this time around for what has thus far been a 21-41 season.

It is quite another thing to throw kerosene on the fire of poor play by bringing in another player who is not only terrible but also has well documented conduct issues.

At no point in his professional career has Smush Parker ever shown himself capable of acting like a professional.  Given his poor judgment, tendency to slack off, lack of control and poor shooting touch, it is no surprise that he hasn't demonstrated that he can play like one either.

Parker would be an awful acquisition for any team in the league and an especially painful one for a team whose fans suffer enough as is.