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Celtics Links: 3/13/08

Loy's Place
Comments from the other side - Sonics.
Celtics win 10 in a row for 1st time since 1986. Green Bandwagon Note - How many demons has this team exorcised?
Ten Questions for David Stern. Green Bandwagon Note - Check it out. He's always fascinating.
Celtics on brink of turnaround record. Green Bandwagon Note - Good point. What's going on with TrueHoop's comment section? Kind of a disaster.
Celtics 24/7
Celtics extend streak to 10.
Red's Army
Playoff positions virtually locked.
Sports of Boston
10 game win streak after Celts beat up Sonics.
Black Athlete
Box and One with Glen Davis.
Quietly effective. Green Bandwagon Note - Perk definitely has had a solid season overall but he has been stellar of late.
Are You For Real?: Noah, Davis, Perk. Green Bandwagon Note - More mainstream love for Perk. Good times.
10 Things
Slam Online
50 Wins Ain't Shhhhh! Green Bandwagon Note - Check out the interviews with Rondo, Cassell, Ray Allen, Pierce and Garnett.
Danny Ainge on the Big Show. Green Bandwagon Note - I got a kick out of Ainge joking about knowing Durant's mom. Everything is funny when a team is winning.
Shamrock Headband
Boston Herald
Celtics lower the boom. Green Bandwagon Note - Great title for an article. And good win last night. That's what good teams do. They take care of business. Although perhaps they could do it with a little less laughing and joking around. The Celtics definitely look like those Sacramento Kings teams of the early 2000s that everyone kind of despised. But I'm not complaining.
Cassell happy to be home.
Durant accepts Seattle but for all the losing. Green Bandwagon Note - While Durant admits to hating the losing, he claims to be happy in Seattle. Granted he has to say that. But I just don't buy it. It is an awful situation.
Boston Globe
Durant carrying heavy load.
Put in their place. Green Bandwagon Note - Check out the video embedded in this one. Also do you realize that the Celtics no longer have a player in the top 25 of minutes played? Thanks to Max and Grande for that one.
How trades happen.