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Move Over Ides of March*

The Celtics first game was at home three days after the NBA season tipped off. From there the Boston's schedule was remarkably favorable for quite some time. Well these things have a way of evening out. Starting on Friday the schedule gets a little rocky:

March 14 - Utah
March 15 - @ Milwaukee
March 16 - Off
March 17 - @ San Antonio
March 18 - @ Houston
March 19 - Off
March 20 - @ Dallas
March 21 - Off
March 22 - @ New Orleans
March 23 - Off
March 24 - Philly
March 25 - Off
March 26 - Phoenix
March 27 - Off
March 28 - New Orleans

That's 9 games in 15 days. Furthermore, only the Bucks and 76ers, a team that has battled the Celtics in all of their meetings this season, are not amongst the NBA's better teams. This is the most challenging stretch Boston has faced all season. I'm excited. The Celtics are healthy and playing great basketball. It's on. And oh yeah the month of April looks a lot less daunting.

* Even now I'm not entirely sure what that title means. Am I saying that the Celtics upcoming schedule is more daunting than what Caesar faced on the day he was assassinated? Puzzling. And I wrote it...