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Herald   Celtics lower the boom      
Cassell glad to be home     
Durant accepts Seattle but for all the losing     
Win streak kicks up spirit of ’86      
Globe   Put in their place      
Fortunately, bounce didn't go their way      
Durant carrying heavy load     
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How trades happen       
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5 hottest small forwards      
Big Three dominate early then rest in Celtics' rout       
Celtics 24/7    Celts extend streak to 10    
Worcester Telegram   Celtics lower boom on Sonics, keep streaking   
Trades looking like steals      
Metro   Celtics extend streak with 111-82 rout     
Patriot Ledger    Sonics play down Seattle split     
Celts’ chemistry about perfect     
Green Machine back on track, gaining steam     
Celtics notebook       
The Olympian    Durant would like to stay in Seattle   
Red's Army   Playoff positions virtually locked      
Connecticut Post   Boston crushes Seattle for 10th in a row      
News Tribune   If expansion team comes, he wants in     
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A long sad road trip ends with sixth loss    
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