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Rondo For Most Improved?

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Empty The Bench names Rondo one of the 7 most improved:

The I-Just-Drank-a-Two-Liter-of-Jolt-fast Rondo has upped his production in every major statistical category except free-throwing shooting, which isn’t much of a detriment to his game anyway since he’s attempting less than 3/per. He’s had solid games and he’s had big games, but his ballsy performance on March 5 against renewed-rival Detroit Pistons is the one that likely stands out amongst the Celtics faithful. He nagged and refused to back down from the bigger, stronger Chauncey Billups, hit some big shots, and brought the house down on a thunderous, where’d-that-come-from dunk that saw him blow by a lead-footed Rip Hamilton and throw it down with authority over Jason Maxiell, who’s usually the giver, not the receiver, of posterizations. You get the feeling that this kid hasn’t even come close to reaching his full potential.