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Celtics Links: 3/14/08

Loy's Place
Random Thoughts 3/14.
Full Court Press
Celtics pride is back.
Salt Lake Tribune
Jazz have plenty of motivation vs. Boston. Green Bandwagon Note - Utah has won 18 straight at home. Guess who beat them in Utah last.
AOL FanHouse
Rajon Rondo can roller skate too. Green Bandwagon Note - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! This video has been removed.
Boston Now
Cassell feels right at home.
Empty the Bench
The NBA's top 7 most improved players.
Boston SportZ
Joke of the Day.
My Utah Jazz
A Ride on the Green Bandwagon. Green Bandwagon Note - I'll have their responses up later in the day.
Courtside View
Around the Parquet for Thursday.
Pruitt scores 24 in Flash loss.
Boston Herald
Even Larry's legend can't top Russ. Green Bandwagon Note - Kind of a bizarre article. I'd say it's a bit premature to say Kevin Garnett's #5 will be retired. Callahan then launches into a Bird vs. Russell "greatest Celtic of all time" debate.
C's D deserves an A. Green Bandwagon Note - Agreed. Also bonus points to Jeff Horrigan for coming up with this stat: Celtics opponents have shot 38 percent (303-for-797) from the field during the current 10 game win streak.
Ex-Celtics to open KY Dunkin' shops. Green Bandwagon Note - When I initially read that headline I thought of one name and one name only: Antoine Walker. Alas. Check out the publicity photo in the article. If Walker was in fact involved and was pictured with a giant doughnut I would pay serious money for poster of it. And as always by "serious money" I mean $20.
Boston Globe
Great to be green.
Preaching what they practice: less is more. Green Bandwagon Note - Good read on how the Celtics still get their work in on optional days.