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The Antithesis of Jazzed

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  • Well that was disappointing.  The Celtics' streak comes to a screeching halt as the Jazz stop the Celts 110 - 92.  That's going to hurt the old margin of victory....(thanks Hollinger for making me care about that btw)
  • Ray "jammed" his left ankle early on in the game.  "Jammed" doesn't sound: (i) fun, (ii) painless and/or (iii) something you play on.  Jesus apparently slipped on a slick spot above the free throw line.  Thanks Bruins. 
  • KG was cooler than being cool (i.e. Ice Cold for the old guys like Po) in the first half which contributed to a 13 point half time deficit. 
  • Also not helping out was Pierce, going 1 for 7 from the field, ending with 8 points.  Yikes.  
  • Lastly, Nurse took over the coaching duties from Doc late in the game, bizzarely keeping Rajon and Perk on the bench well into the fourth when it appeared the Celts may have benefited from some fresh legs on the court.
  • Sammy and PJ did a bang up job playing left and right bench tonight.