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Game #64 - Recap: Celtics vs. Jazz

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Deron Williams, perhaps angered by my contention that Chris Paul is more valuable, scored 32 points (7-10 from the field, 17-18 from the line), overcame a face rake from Kendrick Perkins, grabbed five boards and dished out 8 assists to lead the Jazz over the Celtics. Utah dominated the boards in the first half and ended up with a 38 to 29 advantage. Some other points on the game:

  • It was one of those games where the Celtics fell behind rather big and could just not get over the hump. A number of times Paul Pierce, Eddie House and James Posey had the opportunity to bring the house down with a huge shot and they just couldn't get it done. In the second half the Celtics climbed within 4, but that was as close as they would get.
  • Everyone on the Jazz, outside of Ronnie Price, played well. Utah is such a dangerous team.
  • I expect guys to slip on wet spots in the Old Boston Garden circa 1991. Maybe even in Worcester's DCU Center in 2007. But not in the TD Banknorth Garden in 2008. Ray Allen getting hurt in that way was ridiculous.
  • The Celtics can't get by with Ray Allen in the locker room and Pierce and Garnett putting forth mediocre efforts.
  • I'm as big a  Tony Allen fan as there is outside of his family and friends. But he really struggled last night. Forget about the ridiculous windmill. He needed to convert some of those fast break baskets early in the third quarter. House and Tony Allen combined for 14 points in a combined 40 minutes of time. Contrast that to Ray Allen who had 9 points in 12 minutes.
  • At one point most Celtics fans probably thought, "Hey what about Cassell?"
  • It's hard for me to get too upset about losses. Heading into last night's game the Celtics had lost 12 games by a combined total of 55 points. Last night was the first time the C's really got blown up, replacing that inexplicable loss to the Bobcats as Boston's biggest margin of defeat.
  • As the Celtics embark on this road trip it will be interesting to see how they fare against teams who need the games so much more.