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Who Knicks Fans Will Be Watching As They Play Out the String

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Wilson Chandler, apparently.

With the Knicks sitting at 19-46, it appears that Isiah Thomas has realized that he might as well get his latest first-round draft pick some burn to see what he brings to the table.

As reported by the New York Post's Jay Greenberg:

"Right now he gets beat by the veteran savvy of other players," the coach said. "I try to start him and let him play against some of the top guys and they are having their way with him.

"I like his competitiveness. I'd like to see him a little more involved offensively. Right now he is strictly out on the floor playing as a defender."

Asked what Chandler, taken 23rd in the 2007 draft, can bring offensively, Thomas said: "We need to find that out."

Sounds like a rookie to me.  And perhaps one playing on a team that isn't particularly well-coached at that.

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At least playing Chandler more is a decision for which Zeke can't be faulted.  The 6-foot-8, 220-pound rookie from DePaul has good size and length at the small forward position, and it appears he likes to hustle on both ends of the floor.  Generally speaking, the same isn't said of most of his 'mates.

Furthermore, the way to get that veteran savvy is by experiencing the game on the floor in the first place.

It certainly isn't like the Knicks could really make their season any worse by getting the kid some run at this point.