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Game #65 - Recap: Celtics @ Bucks

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  • Ray Allen and Andrew Bogut did not play. Mo Williams and Desmond Mason did.
  • The Bucks got a lot of rebounds, particularly on the offensive end. Usually that's a bad thing. However, it was only possible because Milwaukee missed so many shots. I mean they really missed a ton. I'm talking about you Charlie Villanueva.
  • It was an April game in Milwaukee and Kevin Garnett hit himself in the head with the ball from the free throw line, picked up a technical foul and was so on edge that Doc Rivers had to sit him down. It's nights like that where you hope he has something left in the spring.
  • Speaking of KG. I heard a few hosts on WEEI arguing that KG is the second best Celtic of all time behind Bill Russell. They went on to say that anyone would choose Garnett over Larry Bird if they had the option between the two. Let's ignore Bird's 3 MVPs and 3 championship rings. 10 seconds left your team needs to hit a shot to win. Who do you want to take it - Bird or Garnett?
  • Sam Cassell looked like Sam Cassell for the first time, knocking down his first 4 shots of the game.
  • It was a nice bounce back win for the Celtics but not one to get excited about. This just in - Milwaukee is bad.