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Game #66 - Open Game Thread - Celtics @ Spurs

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It seems like light years ago that the San Antonio Spurs were on a ridiculous win streak against the Boston Celtics that coincided with Tim Duncan's arrival in Texas. Finally, in their second meeting last season, the Celtics overcame Brian Scalabrine's absence and rode a big performance by Paul Pierce to beat the Spurs for the first time in the Tim Duncan era, in San Antonio no less. It was arguably the highlight of Boston's season. The Spurs of course went on to win the championship.

Fast forward to this season and the Celtics won the first match up with Kevin Garnett hanging out behind closed doors. Pierce caught fire in the first quarter, Glen Davis played quite well even if Tim Duncan's stats were respectable and the TD Banknorth Garden was rocking for that ABC game.

The Spurs were red hot for a while but have cooled off lately with losses to the Pistons and 76ers - gasp both Eastern Conference teams! Still even with the Spurs losing three in a row they have won 7 straight at home. And Bruce Bowen will be back from his suspension for the Chris Paul thing. Also Ray Allen is allegedly 50/50 at this point.

That's it for now. I'm traveling around a bit and still don't have time for the full preview. But I'm excited to watch this one. Enjoy it.

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