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Gerald's Next Home?

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Might be in the land of greater altitude (and greater scoring, too).

Word out of Denver is that George Karl may have an interest in Gerald Green.

As reported by the Rocky Mountain News:

Late last season, Denver signed Von Wafer as a future prospect. Coach George Karl would have no problem with the Nuggets making a similar move this season with forward Gerald Green, 22, waived March 8 by Houston in the midst of his third season.

"I like him," Karl said. "He's always been one of those athletic guys I kind of like."

Sounds like a match made perfectly for GG.

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As of late, it feels like basketball's fastest-paced team has been blowing out opponents on a nightly basis, punctuated by the Nugs' 52-point victory over the Sonics on Sunday night.  Gerald would have a blast: He could play the fourth quarter of a blowout every night, sprint up and down the floor and fire up threes (the Nuggets took 13 in the fourth quarter of a game they won, again, by 52), and not really have to worry too much about staying all that focused on either end of the floor.

Sadly, this probably wouldn't actually improve his game that much or provide him the preparation he needs to really succeed in this league.

But at least the Nuggets might have some use for his skill set as currently developed.