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Everyone Hated Rondo?

I was listening to Dale and Holley on WEEI today and Holley said that over the first 6-8 weeks of his rookie season most of the Celtics despised Rajon Rondo. He was over the top confident and rarely spoke to anyone. Apparently this rubbed everyone the wrong way. I vaguely recall rumblings that Sebastian Telfair was not well liked within the locker room. But this Rondo bombshell came out of left field. Holley went on to say that at some point Doc Rivers pulled Rondo aside and told him he had to change his ways if he ever wanted to be a starting point guard in the NBA. From that point Rondo changed his approach and communicated more effectively. Now let's ignore the fact that I never remember this being a story last season. In fact it is better that it was handled in house. Is that the kind of story a journalist should run? Of course the bigger issue is that Rondo is a confident guy. He would have been hard pressed to improve as quickly and meshed with proven stars so well if he were constantly battling self doubt. So here's to Rondo.

By the way, based upon a recent Rondo commercial I'm pronouncing the first syllable of his first name as "Rah" instead of "Ray". I'm glad that issue is settled. Thanks to everyone who commented and e-mailed after that original story and helped me crack the case. All zero of you.