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Herald   Texas-sized comeback finished off by Celtics      
Rockets much more than a blip on radar     
To defend or attack?      
Globe    Sam dunk      
Houston may have a problem      
CelticsBlog   Q&A with the Dream Shake      
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Spurs     
Celtics sweep Spurs for first time since '88-89     
ESPN   Disappearing act in second half continues for Spurs   
Bird not sure he'll return as Pacers' president      
Celtics 24/7   C's down Spurs in St. Paddy's day thriller    
USA Today   Test vs Celtics loom in Rockets' bid for 23 in a row   
Red's Army   Everyone wants this    
MySA   Spurs aren't special when Manu isn't   
Celtics pinch Spurs  
Critical mental errors cost Spurs on last play      
Hoopsworld   Celtics stand between Rockets and 23rd win   
The NBA gears up for its own form of madness     
Projo   Arrival of Garnett put Celtics ahead of schedule   
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Slam Online   The luck of the Celtics      
Houston Chronicle   Celtics eye spoiler's role    
The Bostonist  That was awesome    
Connecticut   Celtics dig hole, dig in, dig out    
Sports of Boston   Point guards lead the way in comeback win over Spurs   
With Malice   Celtics the real deal     
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Burt Talks Sports    Celts give championship performance    
Caveman Considers    San Antonio shocker    
Sporting News   NBA questions      
McKeon and Mongoose   Texas triangle trip begins beautifully   
USA Today    Rare breeds spend career in one place      
Palm Beach Post   Davis must return    
The Sports Beat   Kendrick Perkins:  The emergence of a beast    
Boston Business Journal    Mass State Lottery to sponsor Celtics playoffs   Celtics embrace the challenge of 4 game West trip     
Full Court Press     Mail Call     
Heard on My Stoop   The NBA playoffs as a character study    
Allerton's Point    The Texas Triangle    
Lex Nihil Novi   4 games that may determine MVP     
Walton's productivity soaring for '86 C's  

I apologize for these being so late but I had a family emergency and couldn't do them until now.